Banana Hammock

Species: CBD · Hybrid · Indica · Sativa

Og Kush (ghost cut) X Sagamarthas

Testing Results:
24%-27% THC

Offers a heavy hit to the head with body sedation following minutes after

Banana, baked goods

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This Kush cross has the creamy smell and taste of warm banana bread. Banana Kush has an airy bud structure, with big calyxes and golden hairs. Banana Kush offers a smooth smoke that tickles the head and settles into a calming body high. An all around pleasurable smoke!


  • Louise Moson

    September 10, 2018., 7:06 pm  •  Reply

    I suffer from fybromialgia,severe neoropathy,RLS,sleep issues, and much more. I have a great Friend, who have new little bit of this strain. OMG. Emidiatly felt the ROD diminish. The 24-7 Pain I live with slowly calmed down it was for the first time in 15 hrs that I felt so much relief. I slept very well. I am looking to purchase the strain of Banana hammock seeds. Those folks that suffer from neurological pains through out your body. Check out this strain and I do hope that you get the same results......wishing you the best of health

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